Creating a new brand design system and a brand story about trust


Often it is the little, unremarkable things that play the most important role simply by existing or the way in which they are used. A small cork seals a bottle. This seal protects years of work for a winemaker. Without this, enjoying wine would be impossible. Vinventions, a company which operates in the international arena, has enjoyed great success in producing a variety of sealing solutions for the wine industry.

Vinventions treats its customers on an individual basis. The work carried out by winegrowers and wineries is placed under the spotlight. The customer-oriented approach pursued by Vinventions is consistently conveyed via the storytelling concept we have developed – nature, wind and weather, expertise and passion; these all contribute to the moment when the bottle is opened and the wine is savoured: “The moment of truth.”

The story we develop presents situations, challenges and uncertainties known to every winegrower. Vinventions has huge respect for those who overcome these hurdles and sees itself as an innovative partner for its customers, supporting and accompanying them individually throughout the entire wine production process. 

Vinventions pursues a holistic approach by providing a portfolio of five product brands covering almost all materials and possibilities for wine bottle sealing solutions in addition to two linked service brands: Oenologie and Marketing. This sets the company apart from its competitors and represents a promise to provide particularly objective consultancy.


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