Horizont creative ranking 2011

Fourth place for hw.design


In an objective results comparison of various creative competitions, hw.design is in fourth place among Germany's creative and design agencies.

Although there is much debate over the meaning, purpose, objectivity and costs of competitions and rankings, they do serve as an objective indicator of an agency’s creative performance and as a reflection of a mode of operation. 

How is exceptional work produced? Talent, without a doubt, but it also takes determination and time to manage projects in such a way that they fulfil their communication aims, client requirements and design standards. 

Precisely because the costs of advertising are widely criticised, this is a very large economic investment. Our aim to make results the focus of what we do is mostly achieved with time, commitment and attention to detail from the teams involved.

The award of fourth place is a result of this exacting standard and is a wonderful endorsement.

Horizont Kreativranking 2011


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