designparcours 2008 at the 2008 designparcours


On the occasion of this year’s designparcours 2008 in Munich from 28 February to 9 March 2008, developed the website regarding the ideals of different generations.

The website enables users to experience the ideals of generations in the past and today, both visually and interactively. At the centre is the individual website visitor, who is asked to describe the ideals of their generation or their personal ideals for the future in the form of a brief statement. Each visitor must place their own building block by either responding to previous statements or contributing to the overall shape of the interactive graphics that are created in the statement process.

Visitors are asked to enter their age, origin and personal attitude to life, which can then be displayed through a variety of different diagrams. In addition to the colour coded implementation reflecting the date on which the entry was made during the designparcours, various other aspects are also visualised in this way.

The website, developed as part of the 2008 designparcours on the topic of generations, puts the spotlight on the vision and understanding of each generation with regard to what the future holds.


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