Nine days of IdeasPark in Hanover


The IdeasPark 2006, which was open from 20–28 May 2006 at the exhibition area in Hanover, far exceeded expectations by attracting more than 200,000 visitors.

Many visitors waited over two hours for entry to the Germany Pavilion – the centrepiece of the IdeasPark 2006. Just as at the IdeasPark 2004 in Gelsenkirchen, ThyssenKrupp and 50 partners from education, politics, sport, media and the economy presented technical innovations and their uses for people in the future as part of the “Discovering technology. Shaping the future” theme.

At the entrance, dressed up IdeasFairies were giving out wishes for the future. Each visitor could choose “their” wish from the 24 wishes, such as “I wish for cars that are fuelled by water”. As soon as the visitors chose a given wish, they became involved in the exhibition and became part of the idea of shaping the future with technology and innovation.

The same is true of engineers, technicians and scientists who, with their ideas and wishes which have become reality, are some of those who are actively shaping life in the future with ideas and technical innovations. Conveying this concept to the people and helping them realise that each person can play their own part in shaping the future was one of the most important emotional messages of the IdeasPark 2006.

In the IdeasCosmos, a 1,500m2 large, dark room with over 350 white helium balloons floating freely in it, the wishes were displayed on various media. Visitors walked through the display on two 28 metre-long bridges which crossed the dark room.

At 18 exhibition pavilions organised by the future themes of mobility, life/environment and creativity, visitors experienced interactive presentations of over 150 exhibits of technological innovations. It was important for the visitors to talk to the creators and therefore stimulate interest in new innovations, technologies and ideas.


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