Save the Iceberg. ThyssenKrupp Technology Days in Shanghai.


hw.design created an interactive exhibition for the ThyssenKrupp AG Technology Days at the Science and Technology Museum in Shanghai with a wide range of edutainment activities.

A poignant insight into questions of the future was created across around 2,400 square metres: how do we deal with limited resources in a responsible manner? How do we make public transport more efficient and safer? How can we influence global climate change?

Having been sensitised by walking through a mine, quick-moving light surfaces and the active cooling of a “real” iceberg, visitors to the exhibition will be given a view into a world of innovative solutions to the global challenges of climate change, the scarcity of resources and mobility.

hw.design came up with a communicative architectural concept for excellent exhibits, such as the desalination plant or the tailored blanks. These enable visitors to discover the simplicity of complex technical operations through exhibits, illustrations, texts and taking part in the edutainment available. Visitors were able to trickle various substances onto a lotus leaf. The observable nano effect of self-cleaning stunned a surprising number of Chinese visitors in the Land of the Lotus Leaf.

The integrated puzzle with simple questions on technical operations was a lot of fun for the large number of children who attended the exhibition. In total, more than 7,000 visitors per day were amazed by the interactive areas and were escorted by students from Tongji University into the world of technology.

For the Technology Days exhibition in Shanghai, hw.design produced an excellent presentation which underlined the continuity of the partnership between ThyssenKrupp AG and China.


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