Underway in the future


An idea on a scrap of paper, jotted down in a single sentence, remains just that – a mere sentence – if the idea isn’t set in motion. This has proven to be the case once more for our client, the automotive supplier MAHLE, given that the concept of movement is the very basis of the company’s existence.  

As such, MAHLE’s history cannot be told from behind a desk, static as it is. A trip to Shanghai in January was in order for this year's Annual Report. A team comprising a photographer, an assistant and a copywriter followed MAHLE through one of the most vibrant mega-cities in the world. The report's focus topic: urban mobility of the future. The team shadowed  an employee at MAHLE in Shanghai, for a day. They gained insights into her day-to-day life in order to reveal the challenges posed by urban mobility. Individuality, comfort and sustainability are the guiding principles through which the company’s history is explored. This is a true reflection of MAHLE’s vision of pioneering a new type of mobility. The results of this trip are presented as one of four reports in MAHLE’s Annual Report.

(c photographer Dirk Bruniecki)


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