People follow people that lead the way

A business plan is a familiar element of every enterprise, but the phrase actually obscures its true purpose – which is to win people’s trust. Winning trust is the way for an enterprise to achieve long-term success and master every challenge the future throws up.

In this scenario, communication delivers the leverage that is so crucial for reaching people. Climate change, new technologies, political uncertainties – an enterprise needs to take people along on its journey towards new solutions for the future. To do this, it needs an attractive vision that people can follow. And a face that can breathe life and, above all, credibility into that vision. Nobody is better placed to fill that role than the CEO.

Studies confirm that the words and actions of CEOs have a powerful impact on the value of their enterprises and their brands. The following figures are taken from a 2019 survey of 1,700 executives and managers – except CEOs – from all over the world. Source:

… global leaders attribute the reputation of a company to the reputation of the CEO.

… of global executives expect that the importance of the CEO’s reputation for the company will continue to grow.

… global leaders attribute the brand equity of a company to the reputation of the CEO.

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