BMW Group

Intelligent Reporting

Dawn of a new era

The home page signals the dawn of a new era – digital, electric, circular. Just like taking the wheel of a BMW or Mini, pressing the starter button launches a road trip into the future. Into the blue, through 3D landscapes. The 2020 Annual Report opens a new chapter in the BMW Group’s reporting, melding the company’s financial and sustainability reports into a single integrated report. An uncompromisingly new beginning that maximizes the sheer pleasure of navigation. Developed on our Intelligent Reporting platform, this approach guarantees greater overall clarity, transparency and guidance to readers. To achieve this, the approach embeds facts and figures from the financial year to tell an integrated story, adding key strategic messages from CFO, CEO and relevant executives, and placing performance figures in the appropriate context of entrepreneurial, financial and societal developments.

A 90-second guided tour featuring “dashboard” visuals focuses attention on the financial year, providing an overview of key parameters. A 368-page landscape-format PDF delivers more detail if desired. The content of the microsite and PDF are linked; one click returns the user to the Annual Report for immersive details on aspects of particular interest. Effective and efficient.

Following the framework concept established by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the BMW Group delivers a clear-cut, almost playful presentation of input and output resources and their interconnected contexts.

But Intelligent Reporting also means editing and preparing content in the ways that best serve the various target groups and their information needs. To ensure this goal is fulfilled, the BMW Group is also publishing the main points from its 2020 Report on its LinkedIn channel.