Jost Hurler Gruppe

Branding and Communication

How to bring a district to life

First and foremost, the district has to be a good one. Like Schwabinger Tor, created by the Munich-based property development company, Jost Hurler Group. Based on the philosophy of “Talents. Sharing. Tolerance.”, a vibrant new quarter has arisen along Leopoldstrasse in Munich’s Schwabing district, providing 3,000 people with a new place to live and work. Our task: to make this new quarter accessible, with a dedicated brand design, a website and a print magazine.

New districts are constantly developing – but are generally closed off from the rest of the city. To counter this problem, we created a brand design for Schwabinger Tor that gave the area its own assertive identity, brought to life in the website, but also in a magazine for the whole city: 150-184. Das Schwabinger Tor Magazin. The publication portrays the vibrant mood of life in the new district, presenting the manufacturing companies, stores and restaurants there and chatting to the inhabitants. Designed for maximum appeal, the engaging and inviting magazine is free of charge and can be picked up from cafes and stores during the daily round, ready to go and demonstrating that as the Bavarians say, “Im Schwabinger Tor, do losst sie‘s lem” [Life’s good in Schwabinger Tor].

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