Corporate Reporting

How we turn transformation into inspiration

The automotive industry is facing major changes as new drive technologies emerge and new competitors burst onto the market. Software engineers like Elon Musk and even the search engine Google have moved into the long-established domain of car manufacturing. All of five years ago, automotive supplier MAHLE already recognized these transformations as an opportunity and set up a dual strategy to address them. The company’s objective was to take on an active role in shaping the mobility of the future by elevating the potential offered by existing and new drive technologies to the next level. The 2019 Annual Report is just one of an array of communication media that pay into the company’s strategy and vision with every figure, every interview and every image story. Once again, this year we have presented five image stories from all over the world that visualize MAHLE’s multifaceted path in seizing the opportunities generated by change -and communicate this transformation as inspiration for MAHLE’s stakeholders.