Smart Mobile Labs

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In real-time transmission, time is all-important, and only the fastest wins. Smart Mobile Labs is a new startup delivering the fastest “many to many” real-time transmission. And the most inspiring challenge to tell a completely new story. Everyone knows about the problems of live video and sound transmission; while one audience is already cheering the striker, the others are still waiting for the shot to hit the back of the net. But sports and entertainment broadcasting is not the only area where every millisecond that approaches real time is critical. Mobility and security are further sectors where transfer of information depends on milliseconds. Smart Mobile Labs is faster than all the rest. We developed an all-new brand and designed a website that effectively captures this USP. The result is a unique visual presentation of an invisible product. New brands face particular difficulties in carving out a position. We have provided Smart Mobile Labs with a magnetic presence that clearly singles the company out from its competitors.