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There is such a thing as being passionate about a career. And then there is sharing that passion with a team. The big question of who we are and what we do has a host of small answers.

Frank Wagner

Founder & Managing Director Frank Wagner

Benjamin Klöck

Managing Director Benjamin Klöck

Marcus Kruse

Creative Director Marcus Kruse

Alexander Renner

Senior Design Director Alexander Renner

Thomas Tscherter

Senior Design Director Thomas Tscherter

Silke Blattner

Account Director Silke Blattner

Tatjana Krajsic

Senior Project Manager Tatjana Krajsic

Moritz Engelke

Project Manager Moritz Engelke

Viktoria Hillebrand

Project Manager Viktoria Hillebrand

Kevin Thoma

Design Director Kevin Thoma

Peter Brunner

Design Director Peter Brunner

Carlos Hoyos

Design Director Digital Carlos Hoyos

Benedikt Bäumler

Senior Production Consultant Benedikt Bäumler

Sigmund Perner

Senior Director Content & Strategy Sigmund Perner

Anna-Lena Zepmeisel

Junior Screendesigner Anna-Lena Zepmeisel

Linda Moers

Text Editing Linda Moers

Sebastian Palamar

DTP-Operator Sebastian Palamar

Severin Groever

DTP-Operator Severin Groever

Felicetta Manicone

Communication Designer Felicetta Manicone

Julia Haschke

Design Director Online Julia Haschke

Pia Lusser

Communication Designer Pia Lusser

Janina Huss

Junior Communication Designer Janina Huss

Dirk Habenschaden

Senior Design Director Digital Dirk Habenschaden

Judith Aurahs

Accounting & Office Management Judith Aurahs

Elke Hey

Press/Public Relations Elke Hey

Ursula Leitl

Accounting & Office Management Ursula Leitl

Dean Grischke

Trainee Project Manager Dean Grischke

Sara Bajura

Trainee Design Sara Bajura

Collaboration We pursue the goal of doing something better in everything we do. This goal is based on a crucial element: open exchange of ideas. We always welcome collaborations, whether they are based on specialist expertise, specific projects or simply friendship.

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