2012/2013 Trade Fair Design Annual


The “Expand to a new level” (Große Faltung) exhibition stand designed and built for Swedish paper manufacturers Munksjö by for Interzum 2011 is being commended in the 2012/2013 Trade Fair Design Annual as an outstanding example of design. 

In its stand design for Munksjö under the tagline “Expand to a new level”, drew its inspiration from the new “Made by Munksjö” logo, which depicts a corner folded over the top right hand edge of a sheet of paper. The unusual was based on an oversized sheet expanding downward in a fluid cascade into a space built to look like a large fold producing the overall effect of an effortlessly dynamic sculpture.

The idea behind the design was to give visitors a tangible visual experience of how Munksjö has unfolded its full potential as a global leader in decorative paper by expanding its successful growth strategy to a new level.

On trade fair days, atmospheric lighting signalled showtime on the Munksjö stand, when slogans highlighting the company’s commitment to the environment, technology and innovation appeared bathed in red, blue or green light. The aim at Interzum was to convey a tangible experience of the message that paper is an innovative material in line with the brand concept.

The peculiarity of the architectural sculpture was the thinness of its balsa wood panels, which were only 50 mm thick, but with hardwood rabbet reinforcement on the outer edges.

The compilers of the annual, Rainer Häupl, Sabine Marinescu and Janina Poesch, give some insights into contemporary staging of trade fairs and in this edition, their particular focus is the phenomenon of trade fair management by curators.  For the first time, a series of interviews gives designers a voice.

The annual is published by avedition, ISBN 978-3-89986-171-6, and costs EUR 69.90.


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