German Design Award 2006 for


As one of nine projects by nominated by the jury for the German Design Award, the powerone battery packaging received a silver award.

At the award ceremony for the German Design Award, 25 prizes were given out: five gold and twenty silver. Alongside the powerone packaging by in the silver category, awards were also given to the BMW 6 series coupe (BMW Group design team) and the MINI exhibition in Geneva in 2003 (Interbrand).

The powerone battery packaging was designed by as part of the development of the powerone brand design. In addition to the premium colour silver, the colour code to clarify the battery type in accordance with international standards is now a dominant feature. This is an important advantage in the perception of this product by predominantly older user groups.

The central colour point, over which the usual battery stickers for zinc air battery technology can be stuck, forms the visual focus of the packaging. At the same time, it is the centre for the batteries, which are arranged in a circle and can be removed from the packaging according to the revolver principle on the rear side.

The image shows the project manager Herbert Schein (left) and CEO Dr Dejan Ilic (right) at the award ceremony.


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