Charter of Trust

Signing for Cybersecurity


The internet has made our world smaller. Everything and everyone is connected. 

This brings a wealth of opportunities, but also many dangers. If a business on the west coast loses data as a result of cybercrime, that can also lead to a problem for the Poehlmann family in Wolfenbuettel. Whilst there are 15,9000,000 Google results for cybercrime, there are 56,000,000 results for cybersecurity, so the relevance of this second issue is clear.

And in order to take action in the fight against cybercrime, Siemens AG has launched a unique initiative for which we developed both the image and the communication concept: the “Charter of Trust”. 

In ten points, the “Charter of Trust” calls upon businesses around the world to together adhere to binding principles and standards for efficient, international cybersecurity. At the 2018 Munich Security Conference, major global businesses got together to sign the charter. The goal is to pull together with commercial, political and social associates to implement cross-border legal guidelines in order to increase trust in digitisation for businesses, customers and citizens. 

The communication measures which we developed include brochures, presentations, an animated video, the website and full-page advertisements in publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and Süddeutsche Zeitung.


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