Far-sighted vision that finds the closest solution. And vice versa.
About character and consistency.

Whether our brief is to develop corporate communication, brands or stories, everything we create is based on the harmonious interplay of strategy, content and design. And on finding the right answers to the right questions. Resulting in holistic brand experiences that people can embrace.

creating brands

Brands are a medium for attracting attention.

To carry our ideas through, we focus our work on every facet of a brand, from defining its principles to building the dimensions of the brand experience.

Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality / why, how, what
  • Brand Heritage
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Story
Brand Dimensions
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Communication
  • Brand Behaviour
  • Brand Offer

creating stories

We develop stories that bring brands to life.

Our storytelling extends from factual formats to sophisticated narratives for features. Backed by worldwide research; implemented worldwide.

Strategic Communication
  • Communication Concept
  • Content & Storytelling Concept
Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Image Profiling
  • Corporate Initiatives
  • Corporate Publishing/Editorial
Corporate Reporting
  • Financial & Sustainability Reporting
  • Intelligent Reporting
Brand Communication
  • Brand Image Communication

creating experiences

We inspire people by using stories to transform brands into experiences.

Anywhere, any time, in any medium. For moments of compelling contemplative power.

  • Target-group-oriented communication and multidisciplinary brand experience
  • Integrated communication experiences
  • Digital & Social Media experiences
  • Print experiences
  • Spatial experiences

Creative Strategy Lab

The Creative Strategy Lab is our centre of collective creativity. Here, we foster open exchange of ideas and opinions, and use an array of tools, workshops and design thinking methods that lift us out of the rut of fixed assumptions. Here, we and our team address the issues that deliver answers of substance and value.

Creative Development Tools & Design Thinking Methods
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Management System
  • Kommunikations-Leitbild
  • Kommunikations-Strategie

The core
of our work

To reach hearts and minds, brands must deliver surprises. We imbue them with this quality by working with our clients, working within our team and working with the interplay of strategy, design and content.


The basis
of our work

Listening with care, never standing still and always ready to start over whenever the situation requires. With a clear and impartial eye – towards our clients and our tasks, but also towards our own work. This empathy and agility is our bedrock, our precious starting-point from which we are inspired to create moving experiences.