Von Guttenberg

Corporate Identity

From workshop to new business

Given the challenges that the future will throw up for our society and our economy, companies must constantly review their corporate identity and modify or advance it where necessary. One of the promises we make to our customers is our pledge to create confident, assured corporate identities that will smooth the company’s path into the future. The corporate structures that had grown up at Von Guttenberg, specialists in drywall construction and insulation technology and materials, compelled an urgent review of the company’s self-image and visual presentation. In a broadly based brand identity process involving strategic repositioning, the target position was identified and Von Guttenberg’s brand personality was honed accordingly. The company’s chosen philosophy of “Wir sind der leistungsstarke Macher” (“Power and Performance”) and its strategic parameters were captured in a striking brand identity, which debuted with a new image brochure and responsive website.

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